Ajira Global,established in the year 2008, is a growing private consulting and service organisation based in Bengaluru, India. With strong stringer and partner networks across the globe, the organisation provides turnkey, strategic and customised services in the areas of special events, new media and developmental communication to international accounts, business houses and industry bodies, located in different geographies across the world, to projects, which are both internal and external to organisations.

The company is being managed by a focused team of well-qualified professionals with extensive industry experience of 25+ years in various areas such as public relations, marketing, events, exhibitions, media, learning & development, training and co-related communication areas. Ajira Global's core strength is in its ability to identify communication challenges that organisations may have on their hand, create the right messages for their various audiences, help them choose the best mix of media that is required and then communicate the same in the right tone at the right time.

As an agency, Ajira Global has proven, all-round expertise in high-quality conceptualisation, design, development and production of various events, media mix, communication messages and in delivery of the same. Further, it actively pursues practical, persuasive and smart-business-focus approach to achieve key organisational communication objectives and messaging targets, of its customers. So, when it comes to events, media and communication, you can be rest assured that Ajira Global is a quick, one-stop shop for all your promotional needs.​

​The organisation owns necessary infrastructure and on-board expertise in providing industry-proficient advice, consultations and solutions, which help clients in engaging appropriate levels of public communication with various other private, government & non-government organisations for their business requirements. Ajira Global also supports its customers in wide-ranging business associations and networking with several industry bodies and fraternities across the map, through events, media and communication.