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Information management
Information-education-communication (IEC)
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Investor communication
Investor relations
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Land management communication
Leaflet design
Learning and development
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Mergers and acquisition communication
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Non-public diplomacy strategies
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Where there is a need, there is a way...

Ajira Global's services currently span smart communication consultancy and implementation of both internal and external affairs of an organization, which includes event-based activity messaging, trade-investment communication, project information-education-communication (IEC), business continuity-resilience communication, public policy & non-public diplomacy strategies, government & non-government communication, critical business permits and licenses consulting, troubleshooting - issues management - resolve finding, reputation risk management, crisis management communication, change management messaging, industrial-personnel management & legal-welfare-estate communication, employee-HR-OD communication, property & land management communication and yes, we continue to expand very rapidly into more areas. What is that you are looking for?

Corporate, marketing, sales and service support communication

We help you build your corporate reputation in a manner that appeals to your customers as also to other stakeholders, further leading to the growth of your company in all aspects. Marketing, sales and service support communication are our best experience traits and our prime focus hitherto. Just call us, when you need us!

Reputation management, branding, advertising & other product promotions

No matter how good your company is... what is presented to the masses is your identity. Today, the masses and your target customers are influenced a lot by what they see, what they can believe and in the end what they perceive. We help your audience through creative and strategic communication methods, visualize what the organization does, in exactly the way your consumer wants to see it. A quick question to you… what is your identity today?

We help you project your work and contribution in a manner that attracts the consumer and leads them to use the services. We help you give a creative aspect to your work. Creativity is a core strength, besides meeting timelines and prompt delivery at Ajira Global. What kind of brand and graphic designs do you have in your mind? What media are you looking at? Print, visual, online or another new media?

Financial, investor and other stakeholder relations

We help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses and support in identifying and promoting innovative ways to create positive change and add value to a financial situation through our communication and help the organization grow further related to their financial aspects.

Political relations and public communication

We help the organizations develop their relations in all political aspects and present the right image to the different stakeholders which helps the further grow, prosper and position themselves aptly in the society that they operate in. How can one organization remain apolitical with precise political communication is always an exciting challenge and how we engage various target stakeholders at different levels is a task that is inevitable today.

Community development and relations

We help you develop in a way that you can relate your growth to the communities, further making the contribution valuable through decisive communication. We can help generate awareness about what the community wants and also let the audience know your ideas, motives and contributions to the societal development. Community relations and messaging is one of our deep passions. What’s yours?

Social responsibility communication for corporates (CSR)

Forget the government mandates, but no corporate can be successful unless it contributes to the society. We at Ajira Global, help you do your extra bit by helping you identify critical social needs, creating new ideas and opportunities to help people around your business, and finally support you in taking up significant corporate responsibilities. This is with a purpose to build genuine connect with your stakeholders, so as to act, deliver and accomplish key social objectives of your company to the society. CSR communication is one of our key abilities and keen interests. Talk to us today!

Product reviews

Product Sampling
Project communication
Property consulting
Public affairs
Public communication
Public debates
Public issue management
Public policy diplomacy strategies
Regional PR
Reputation management
Reputation risk management
Reputation tracking
Roundtable discussions
Rural communication
Rural marketing
Rural PR
Rural relations
Safety audit
Social promotion
Speech writing
Spokesperson management

Spokesperson training
Sponsorship support
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Stakeholder communication
Stakeholder engagement
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360 degrees perceptions research and measurement
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Business to business marketing 
Category building
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Change management
Channel communication
​Channel marketing
Collateral development
Communication analysis
Communication audit
Communication benchmarking
Communication consulting
Communication measurement
Communication research
Communication strategy
​Community affairs
​Community communication​Community development
Community relations
Company profile
Consumer awareness
Consumer education
Content creation
Content development
Content management
Content writing

Corporate affairs
Corporate brand identity
Corporate branding
​Corporate communication
Corporate coordination
Corporate identity
​Corporate image management
​Corporate PR
Corporate profiles

Corporate reputation management
Corporate services
CSR consultingCorporate strategy
Creative collaterals
Creative concepts
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Crisis communication
Crisis management
Crisis situations

Critical business permits consulting
Critical licenses consulting
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CSR communication
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CSR strategy consulting

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Impact studies

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