Trade shows

Talent management
Thought leadership programs
Trade fairs
Viral campaigns

Corporate reputation management
Corporate services
CSR consulting

Corporate strategy
Creative collaterals
Creative concepts
Creative services
Crisis communication
Crisis management
Crisis situations

Critical business permits consulting
Critical licenses consulting
CSR audit
CSR benchmarking
CSR communication
CSR reports

CSR strategy consulting

Customer communication
Customized CSR solutions
Data management
Database management

Decision-making during crises
Design concepts
Developmental communication
Digital PR
Direct communication
Distribution communication
Editorial content
Editorial management
Editorial services
Employee communication
Employee relations
ePR management
Estate communication
Event conceptualisation
Event-based messaging
Executive communication
Executive training
Experiential marketing
External communication

Fashion PR
Feature writing
Film PR
Financial communication
Financial PR
Flyer design
Fund raising
Government communication
Government relations
Grass-roots mobilization
​Guerilla marketing
Health communication
​HR communication
Human relations
Image audit
Image managementImpact studies

Impact studies

Incidence management
Industrial relations
Industrial-personnel management

Product reviews

Product Sampling
Project communication
Property consulting
Public affairs
Public communication
Public debates
Public issue management
Public policy diplomacy strategies
Regional PR
Reputation management
Reputation risk management
Reputation tracking
Roundtable discussions
Rural communication
Rural marketing
Rural PR
Rural relations
Safety audit
Social promotion
Speech writing
Spokesperson management

Spokesperson training
Sponsorship support
Sports PR
Stakeholder communication
Stakeholder engagement
Stakeholder outreach
Stakeholder relations
Start-up organisational communication
Strategic alliances
Strategic brand reinforcement
Strategic communication
Strategic counselling
Strategic positioning
Sustainability communication
Sustainability management
Sustainability reports
Team building
Technical symposium
Technology Congress
Trade communication
Trade PR
Unversity relations
Vendor relations
Visual communication
Web designs
Web graphics
Welfare communication
Youth communication

Annual reports
Brochure print
Community media
Corporate film
Digital catalogues
Digital media solutions
Flyer print
Internal media
Jingles(radio, television & print)
Media analysis

Online news releases
Online newsroom
Press conferences
Press office setup
Press release distribution
Press release production
Press releases management
Press releases writing
Publicity services
Social media

Social media marketing


Social Events


Birthday Parties
Celebrity wedding management
Celebrity wedding planning

Community events

Expert engagements

Film productions

Musical events
Speaker opportunities
Speaker placements

Special wedding planning

Sporting events


360 degrees perceptions research and measurement
Alliance management
Ally development
Analyst relations
Analysts communication
Article writing
Association development
Association relations
Brand building
Brand communication
Brand creation
Brand custodial services
Brand development
Brand elements
Brand licensing
Brand management
Brand positioning
Brand PR
Brand protection
Brand support

Brand valuation
Brochure design
Business collaterals
Business communication
Business continuity and resilience

Business to business marketing 
Category building
Celebrity PR
Change management
Channel communication
​Channel marketing
Collateral development
Communication analysis
Communication audit
Communication benchmarking
Communication consulting
Communication measurement
Communication research
Communication strategy
​Community affairs
​Community communication​Community development
Community relations
Company profile
Consumer awareness
Consumer education
Content creation
Content development
Content management
Content writing

Corporate affairs
Corporate brand identity
Corporate branding
​Corporate communication
Corporate coordination
Corporate identity
​Corporate image management
​Corporate PR
Corporate profiles

Industry Events

Above the line (ATL) activities

Artiste engagement

Artiste management

Below the line (BTL) activities
Celebrity branding
Celebrity endorsement
Celebrity engagments
Celebrity speakers



Digital campaigns
Event execution
Event logistics
Event management

Event promotion

Expert engagements

Film productions

Industrial visits

One-on-one interviews
Product launches
Public education
Safety communication
Speaker opportunities
Speaker placements

Speaker sourcing
Special events

Web-based campaigns

Corporate Events

Brand endorsement
Campaign management



CEO visits


Cross promotions

CSR events

CSR projects
CSR promotions


Digital campaigns

Employee activities
​Employee engagement
Employee events
Employee opinion survey
Employee satisfaction survey

Event manpower
Event marketing
Event planning


Event promotion

Expert engagements

Film productions

Internal survey
Internet campaigns
Launch events
Leisure events 
Marketing activities
Marketing promotions

One-on-one interviews
Product launches
Public education
Safety communication
Speaker opportunities
Speaker placements

Media briefing
Media buying

Media endorsements
Media management

Media marketing
Media monitoring
Media network
Media offsites
Media placements
Media publicity
Media relations
Media research
Media room communication



Media selling
Media services
Media strategy

Media spokesperson development
Media support
Media syndications
Media tours

Media training
Media visits
New media
News monitoring
News release management

Industry communication

Industry networking
Industry round tables
In-film advertising
Influence monitoring
Influencer seeding

Information management
Information-education-communication (IEC)
Internal communication
Internal relations
Internet-based communication
Investor communication
Investor relations
Issue management
Land management communication
Leaflet design
Learning and development
Legal communication
Lifestyel PR
Litigation communication
Local PR
Market entry communication
Marketing communication
Marketing initiatives
Marketing positioning
Marketing programs
Maximizing sponsorships
Mergers and acquisition communication
Message development
Message dissemination
Multi-cultural communication

Multi-lingual outreach
Music PR
Name change communication
New business establishment communication
New business setup communication
New investment communication
Newsroom communication
Non-government (NGO) communication
Non-government (NGO) relations
Non-public diplomacy strategies
​Online branding
Online PR
Online reputation management
Open houses
Opinion forming
Organisational development
Pamphlet design
Partnerships development
Perception management
Permits and licenses communication
Political advertising
Political PR
Political relations
​Positioning consultancy
Poster design

Print graphics
Product features